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Fire Command Consultants receives Final FDNY Approval for Firefighters Auxiliary Radio Communication System

Garden City Park, N.Y: Fire Command Consultants, an innovative leader in Public Safety Communications, announces they have received the first Final Approval for an FDNY In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication System (A.R.C.S.), installed in NYC under the new Building Code. This System installed at Columbia Presbyterian University’s Arm and Hammer Research Center, will enable the FDNY Incident Commander at the building’s Fire Command Center to communicate to and from all Firefighters throughout the entire building.

In the wake of 9/11/01, no first responder issue received more discussion than the inability of Firefighters to communicate with each other. Numerous investigations were performed and reports written (NIST; McKinsey), all documenting the need for improving the ability of Firefighters to communicate within Hi-Rise structures.
To this end, a joint effort between the FDNY, the NYC Department of Buildings and private sector specialists was undertaken to specify the design and performance requirements of a communication system to assist Firefighters while operating within Hi-Rise Buildings. This was accomplished under the direction of FDNY Assistant Chief Jenson, Battalion Chief Pigott, and published as FDNY Technology Management Bulletin #01/2011 (
The NYC Department of Buildings subsequently adopted this requirement as Buildings Bulletin 2011-013 (, to address exception #1 in the Building Code section 907.2.12.3 (
Captain Mike Stein (FDNY retired) states “There has been a tremendous amount of interest from Architects and Engineers about incorporating our system into their Fire Alarm designs. Now that we have a proven track record with this first approval, Fire Command Consultants is looking forward to installing many of these cost effective systems throughout NYC. Many building owners and managers, Tishman Speyer for example, not only want to comply with the code but also want to be proactive in improving the safety of both the firefighters and civilians alike.”


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